About the Artist

Cheslye Ventimiglia is painter and printmaker who has lived and worked in Venezuela, France, and New England. Her work reflects an interest in history and a curiosity about lost art forms. She exhibits her work in New England. Her work is in private collections in the U.S. and Europe.
Photo of Cheslye Ventimiglia.
Photo: Samara Yandell

Selected Exhibitions
Périgord: Moods and Memory
Daunis Fine Jewelry, Portland, ME. 2013.

Red Horse: an exhibition of works by Cheslye Ventimiglia
Merrill Memorial Library, Yarmouth, ME. 2012.

The Power of Ten
Discover Portsmouth, Portsmouth, NH. 2012.

The Diptych Project: a Collaboration in Wax
        Brian Marki Gallery, Portland, OR. 2008.
        Steamboat Springs Arts Council, Steamboat Springs, CO. 2008.
        Whitney Art Works, Portland, ME. 2008.

Tony Montenaro Memorial Exhibition,
The Clown Gallery, Portland, ME. 2004.

Enough Twist
Maine College of Art, Portland, ME. 2002.

Fusion: Ten Maine Encaustic Painters
Greenhut Galleries, Portland, ME. 2007.

New England Wax: Encaustic II
New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH. 2007.

New England Wax: Encaustic I
Salem State College, Salem, MA. 2007.

Rear View Mirror: Where we have been, What we see
Maine College of Art, Portland, ME. 2006.

MECA from the inside
June Fitzpatrick Gallery at MECA, Portland, ME. 2005

Selected Commissions

Installation drawings for In Their Time and Place: The Salisburys and Worcester,
Worcester Historical Museum, Worcester, MA. 1996.

Illustration of BOOMERANG: how to throw, catch, and make it,
Workman Publishing, NY. 1985.

        MS Organization and Management.
        Antioch New England Graduate School, Keene, NH

        BA Philosophy
        Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA

        Study of printmaking with Bennett Morris, Judy Allen-Efstathiou,
        Alice Spencer, Eleanor Erskine, and David Wolfe;
        Study of drawing with Glenn Renell and John Ventimiglia;
        Study of painting with Diane Dahlke, Martha Miller, and Richard Brown Lethem;
        Study of encaustic painting with Gina Adams and Kim Bernard;
        Study of Chinese ink painting with Gan Xu and with Gu Lin of Guiyang, China.